Kansas City Apprentice:     Raytown Middle School String Teacher & Students  

ASTA National Conference March 8-11, 2006  

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Ms. Amy Sadler writes 

Raytown Middle School String Teacher, Kansas City, MO

2006 ASTA National Conference

From: Amy Sadler

To: Jacqueline and Dudley Laufman

Sent: Tuesday, September 20, 2005 9:20 AM

Subject: Re: any questions so far?

  Yesterday, I taught a small group of my fiddlers the dance to The Campbells are Coming.  They had a great time, although some thought they would have to dance and play at the same time!!!!!  You gotta love the middle schoolers!!!

  When they first heard the CD recording, they were scared and intimidated.  But as we rehearsed it, they are realizing that they will be able to play these successfully.  Some of them are a bit intimidated and shy about dancing, so we are going into th is slowly w/ volunteers first.  

Thanks.  Have a great week.

Amy Sadler


From: Jacqueline and Dudley Laufman

To: Amy Sadler

Sent: Tuesday, September 20, 2005 2:56 PM

Subject: Re: any questions so far?


Hi Amy!

    By the way, tell the kids that Dudley and I have danced and played at the same time for a Morris dance called Knuckledown, a solo jig with double stepping, to the tune Flowers of Edinburgh in the key of G. But tell them we won't be asking them to dance and play at the same time (unless someone wants to learn it separately from the class and for their own enjoyment!)C




String students write

Raytown Middle School, Kansas City, MO

2006 ASTA National Conference





Terms of Agreement                                                          August 13, 2005

Jacqueline and Dudley Laufman of Canterbury, New Hampshire, and Amy Sadler of the Raytown Middle School in Missouri agree to the following terms to successfully carry out the ASTA Session Proposal for the Alternative Styles strand for presentation in Kansas City, MO, on Friday, March 10, during the national convention being held March 8-11, 2006.

The Laufman’s agree

  1. to send a set of the White Mountain Reel book/CDs for dance with calls and fiddle tunes arranged for violin, viola, and cello/bass;
  2. to mentor Ms. Sadler, through email and telephone, during the school year as she integrates fiddling and dancing with her students using the tunes and dances from the White Mountain Reel series;
  3. to make available to Ms. Sadler other resources to assist her in learning about and integrating New England fiddling and dance into her school and community;
  4. to come to the school on a day before the ASTA session workshop to go over with Ms. Sadler’s selected students the tunes and dances, review expectations for the workshop, answer questions and to get to know one another;

Amy Sadler agrees

  1. to teach at least six tunes and four dances to her students at the Raytown Middle School during the first part of this school year;
  2. to select no more than 20 middle school string students who will be able and willing to play from memory during the Laufman’s 50 minute workshop for string teachers (and students may be asked to take part in the dancing at this time);
  3. to schedule at least a one-hour in-school session for the Laufman’s to come to her school to work with the selected students prior to the convention;
  4. to arrange for administration support and student transportation to the Convention Center in Kansas City on the session day (which has not been announced, though we will make every effort that it is not Saturday) at least one hour before the session begins. There may be a conference fee required for the teacher and depending on the session timeslot, the students may need to bring a lunch;
  5. to be available as a resource to answer questions from teachers and participants who attended our session via email and/or phone during the remainder of this school year;
  6. to write an article for the ASTA Journal and, with permission, this article would be posted on the Laufman’s website along with student comments of their experience that Amy would ask them to write.

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