Workshop Session:     Friday 11:45 a.m.  

ASTA National Conference March 8-11, 2006   Kansas City, MO

Teaching New England Fiddling

Hear the history of traditional dance, experience "sitting-in" with an authentic New England dance band and learn the dance steps to the Farandole and Virginia Reel from master caller and fiddler, Dudley Laufman, as he and Jacqueline demonstrate how to include fiddling in the classroom, studio and community. BRING INSTRUMENTS.

   Session Proposal:    Teaching New England Fiddling  

Teaching New England Fiddling (50 min. workshop)

Goal: Teachers will learn how fiddling and dancing are an integrated whole 

and a means to experiencing traditional music and social culture.

Objectives: Participants will ...

  1. Learn about the history of the traditional music played for barn dances.
  2. Be taught the steps for New England barn dances that are suitable for all ages and abilities.
  3. Be invited to sit in with the band. Music for all instruments will be provided.
  4. Learn how teaching New England fiddling tunes and creating a string band to play this music for a barn dance culminating activity can meet individual student needs and connect with history and culture.


During this year, Dudley and Jacqueline Laufman will mentor two string teachers, one from New Hampshire and one from the Kansas City area, who are willing to integrate fiddling and dancing with his/her students. These students will learn to play tunes and the dances from White Mountain Reel: Fiddle Tunes for Violin, Viola and Cello/with Bassline series. The Kansas City area teacher, with his/her students, will be asked to present with the Laufmans at this workshop. Participants wishing to teach New England fiddling will have the necessary tools to lead their students in experiencing first hand the living musical traditions of New England that have been handed down from generation to generation without interruption for over 300 years.


White Mountain Reel: With Calls & Without; Sweets of May: With Calls & Without;

White Mountain Reel Companions: Fiddle Tunes for Violin, Viola, and Cello/with Bassline


Conference handouts


Farandole and Virginia Reel dance directions and calls, history, sheet music

Links to barn dance groups around the country