ASTA Students:    Comment about Their Fiddling & Dancing 

ASTA National Conference March 8-11, 2006

ASTA Apprenticeship Project

August 2005 - March 2006


Raytown Middle School Orchestra Students




not like

All The Way to Galway



Campbell’s Are Coming






Reel à Pitou



Ashley’s Ride



Nelly Bly








not like

Big Circle



Paul Jones



Virginia Reel



Four Hand Reel









I like the Virginia Reel, it is my favorite dance. I like Granny but I would much rather dance than play. © - Maddie

The new fiddle tunes that we have in orchestra are really fun to play and dance to... One thing I didn’t like though was how long they were. The dances were fun too, and I had a great time learning them. - Chloe

I like the Virginia Reel, it is my favorite song to dance to because it is easy. I think playing fiddle toons is a good way to play faster. –Tyrah

Shorter  Comments

Fiddle = fun.

Nice break from classical.

Fiddle project is great.

Good addition to class, good idea.


It changed my thinking.

Gives us something exciting and entertaining.

More Comments

Editor's note: Favorite tunes and dances were written within these comments but some have been edited out and added to the tallies in the chart above which allows for easier reading of the students' interesting other comments.

I really liked the fiddle tunes. My favorite was Ashley’s Ride because it was the fastest. I really didn’t like the dances! –Trenee

The fiddle tunes were fun and exciting. –Moriah

I thought the fiddle music was very challenging because the majoriety of the songs were fast. The songs were awesome! I enjoyed the dances. --Angela

I like to play Granny and I like to dance to Paul Jones. –Juan

I like to fiddle. –Parris

I am fine with the fiddling and my favorite song is Virginia Reel. –Trixie

Some things I like about the fiddle tunes is that they are very easy to learn. One thing I don’t like is that the cello part is kind of boring.

I liked the tunes that were fast.

All the songs put together sounded really good. We all know how to play them well.

I thought the songs were exciting but I thought they were too easy for me because I’m in 8th grade. I thing you shouldn’t repeat the same thing over and over again because it gets boring. –Seline

The fiddle project was fun.

I think Fiddler’s Club is fun and a great experience. $10 is a small fee for such a great time. –Tim

My favorite song to play is "Granny." You do sometimes go too fast. I also like the Farandole dance. After all I do like to fiddle though you tend to go too fast. –Tabitha

Yeah sure the fiddle tunes are okay. –Alexandria

My favorite song is Nelly Bly and my favorite dance is the one they did at the concert. I don’t really like fiddle tunes cuz I can’t play that fast but they are fun. –Laura

I like the dances. I think they’re fun.

My favorite song is Granny, sometimes we go too fast to play. I don’t have a favorite dance. I like them all. –Kristen

I like the song Reel à Pitou. My favorite dance is Virginia Reel. I don’t like to go fast. –Maggie

I like fiddling and the tunes because they’re challenging.

I like all the tunes because they sound awesome when played fast. –Lexie

What I like about these songs is that I like how they go fast.

I like the fiddle toons but they go too fast.

I like the whole idea of Fiddle Program. I may not be good at the fiddle tunes but I like the whole idea.

I really like the fiddle song. The thing was very cool.

The Fiddle Tunes are pretty much cool to me. The dances are my favorite part. It’s fun. –Tiffany

Even though Reel a Pitou is my least fav. I like the Virginia Reel I like both Farandole and Ashley’s Ride. –Kiva

I don’t like to play the songs, but I like to dance. My favorite one is the Farandole. –Danielle

The fiddle tunes were fun. It was hard to get them up to speed though. –Derek

I think the fiddling is good , but some of the fiddling is harder than it looks. –Sierra

I like the fiddle tunes. I don’t like to play them. I like all the dances. –Josh

The fiddle tunes and dances were really fun. –Samantha

My opinion on the fiddle tunes and dances are that the fiddle tunes are sometimes hard to play and memorize like the Campbells Are Coming but some are fun and easy like Granny. The dances are kind of repetitive because you do the same thing many times and you can get confused if you don’t pay attention to what’s going on but overall most of them are enjoyable.

I think the fiddle tunes are a fun way for people to play and practice. The Virginia Reel is one of our favorites to dance but not so fun to play. Granny is one of our favorite songs to play because it has easy notes and is fun to play. –Lexi

I enjoyed doing the dances. A couple of the songs were hard, but my favorite was Granny. –Stephanie

I think the fiddle tunes songs and dances are ok to say the least. My favorite song is Reel a Pitou and I don’t like an of the dances they are too countryish and not fun. –Katie

The fiddle songs are really neat and easy to remember.

Some things I like about these fiddle songs are the dances. I like the dance to the Campbell’s Are Coming. I like Granny because it’s easy. These songs are fun and fast.

I think it is kinda cool. My favorite fiddle song is Reel a Pitou because it’s cool and I’m not sure what dance goes with it.

I learned that fiddle tunes get very fast. –Shawn

I like it. The songs are really fast and are really cool. –Hayley

I thought the songs were cool. The song I loved to play was All The Way To Galway. –Samantha C.

Overall I like the idea of the fiddle music thing.