A heartwarming narrative poem 

about the early Shaker Brother Peter Ayers 

who knew Mother Ann Lee

The Stone Man

by Dudley Laufman

Illustrated by Jacqueline Laufman




Excerpt from page 2




One horse, one wagon, one lot of tackling,

Two cows, 1, two year old Guernsey heifer,

27 sheep, twenty five pounds

Of wool, 60 pounds of flax, 130

Pounds of tobacco, several corn cob  pipes,

One in pocket, one chair on which to sit smoking,

Four earthen jars of New York Russet cider,

Two hounds, one flintlock rifle, powder & lead,

One axe, one saddle, one sleigh, one padlock,

2 sickles, one pair of plough irons, 2 chains,

One wooden bedstead with ticking, blankets,

One pound worth of pork, 14 bushels of potatoes,

Sixty five bushels of wheat, 16 bushels

Of rye, 4 bushels of corn, 4 turkeys, 11 hens,

One cat, one pet squirrel, four dollars worth

Of fur, 16 dollars in money,

A blue and red army uniform,

A pair of boxing gloves,

And an old red violin.


                                                                                                    ó Dudley Laufman


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