Old Time New Hampshire Dancing

Everyone can do these old time social dances like the Virginia Reel.

No Experience Necessary!

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Jacqueline Laufman, 603-731-1720, jacqueline.laufman@gmail.com, PO Box 59, Canterbury, NH 03224, www.jlaufman.org


Dudley Laufman, PO Box 61, Canterbury, NH 03224, 603-783-4719, jdlaufman (at) comcast (dot) net

National Heritage Fellow

Dudley Laufman was named a National Heritage Fellow by the National Endowment for the Arts in 2009.

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The name Dudley Laufman is so closely associated with the contra and barn dances of New England that most long-term residents refer to local gatherings as “Dudley Dances.” Two forms of community dances evolved in New England — contra dances, done in lines with partners facing one another, and square dances featuring sets of four couples.   Read more at Dudley’s award page on the NEA site.