How does dance awaken passion?

From ancient times, dance was considered a body language that could tell a lot about the person performing it. Dance is a passion, a vocation, and it is a movement. By dancing, we develop our plasticity and become more open to communication. For instance, tango is the only dance in the world that combines tenderness and vulgarity, passion and indifference, aggression and frivolity. Thanks to the movements of this dance, you can express many things - love for a partner, the beauty of the figure, and the features of his character. In the process of dance, the human body creates certain vibrations and sends them to the world. A person absorbs pure energy, which fills his vital forces, gives pleasure, and even health. The passion of dance is available to everyone, and you just need to allow yourself to trust your feelings and open up to the flow of energy. In addition, dance can reflect the mentality, history, and character of a large group of people. Characteristic movements can say a lot - a romantic, graceful waltz, passionate impulses of tango, brave cheerfulness of hopak. You can draw many psychological and historical parallels between the national dance and a nation. Therefore, students are often given the task of writing an essay on dance is my passion, for example, to research different nationalities and traditions, investigate the impact of dance on human life, or dance as a kind of hobby.

5 Basic principles to consider when writing an essay

When considering the content side of the essay, then it is better to adhere to five main principles :

  1. The essay shows the author's point of view, which means that it has a subjective character. Thus, you should not try to generalize someone else's opinion on a certain topic. Presenting your own and comparing it with existing hypotheses or axioms is better.
  2. Although your opinion is primarily interesting in the essay, it should be remembered that you are considering a specific topic, which means that it should be disclosed in the content of the essay.
  3. Pay attention to details. Every essay looks more convincing and weighty if it mentions certain facts, interesting arguments, and examples from reliable literary sources. It seems like a trifle, but it makes an indelible impression when you read it.
  4. Oratory. Your essay should be inspiring and convince the reader to accept your way of thinking.
  5. Individuality and peculiarity. For your thoughts to be heard, they must be presented interestingly. Therefore, you should pay attention to your literary style and writing skills.

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