Main parts of an essay

Writing an essay about your favorite hobby is one of the frequent homework assignments in school, and in addition, it can often be your college admissions assignment. Why does the admissions committee need to know about it? Through essays like this, you reveal more information about yourself, which your examiners want. Today's admissions committee needs to learn more about your worldview, so even details from your childhood will not be superfluous.

To write an essay on Dance is my Passion in the best possible way, and with Passion, you need to stick to your plan and a clear essay structure:

  • An introduction - in a couple of extended sentences, explain why you are writing an essay on Dance, highlight your main thesis statement
  • The main text - the main text should be divided into several parts, in each of which you must describe why dancing is your favorite thing. You can also cite some facts from your life
  • Conclusion - in conclusion, you should rephrase the thesis that you formulated at the beginning

An example of writing an essay on Dance is my Passion

I fell in love with dancing as a child. Ever since I was a child, I have loved to dance, and it filled my heart with fun and joy. Dance is a distinctive art form that needs Passion. Dance has changed my life, and I don't know what I would do without it. Dance is not just a set of movements. It's something much more complex and more extensive. One of the reasons I love Dance so much is my somewhat stubborn nature, which tells me to never give up, despite the challenges.

Thus, I believe that dancing can teach important moral lessons that toughen the spirit and keep you on your toes, which helps a lot in life. When you practice new movements, you fall and make mistakes, and dancing shows you that it is not terrible to make mistakes because, in the end, it leads to improvement. 

For me, dancing is also a great way to deal with stress. If I'm feeling angry or sad or hurt, I can express that in my Dance, and my mood improves. When I dance, I feel free.

Also, Dance is a great way to show yourself to the world. We know ourselves and develop through the Dance, and we discover new talents and opportunities. What seemed impossible to us becomes real. Dance taught me to be more self-confident and understand my feelings and emotions more.

I dance because I see it as a way of personal growth. Dance teaches us new things about ourselves and the world around us. It is also a great way to spend my free time. Dancing helps me feel happy and free, develop my best qualities, and become a strong person.

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