Why I want to be on the dance team essay: best motivations

Dance teams are full of bright slogans, inviting the idea that dancing is available to everyone. Of course, it isn't. It is dance classes that are available to everyone, which benefits the owners of the establishments, but not all dances are feasible for everyone. How to describe your motivations to start dancing?

Uniqueness is awareness

The comparison does not give us anything, it takes away energy and strength that can be spent on developing and multiplying potential. The uniqueness must really be realized, each person defines himself. Sometimes you need to think about what you want. As soon as you realize your own value, then claims to yourself will disappear. You can not compare your beginning of the path with someone else's middle.

You should not hold on to people and things, no matter how selfish it may sound. Then you will understand what you like, and what is imposed by society. In the search for your hobby, it is important to build on internal sensations. 

Dancing is an opportunity

A professional dance career opens up many opportunities. The essay helper will describe lots of them in a high-quality piece of writing. Thanks to dancing, you can meet interesting people - sport would hardly have given them such a chance. The people who have appeared in your life are incredibly supportive and inspiring, it helps you develop. 

Dancers are able to visit different countries and see what other dancers are capable of. Somebody starred in music videos and collaborated with major brands for the first time. Then dancers are able to show their dance to a large audience and prove to themselves they can achieve a lot. The opportunity to work together with successful people makes them very happy.

Minimum requirements

Most pair dances are intended for an audience over 20. The requirements are age-appropriate and there are no illusions about pre-training. If a person is motivated, minimally distinguishes between right and left, ready for physical contact with a member of the opposite sex, then he is predisposed. Plasticity, motor experience, and the ability to hear music are achievable with the right approach and desire. 

Additionally, on the bar of 20 years and older, you can conditionally make some marks on the predisposition to certain areas. Any representative of this category can potentially fully master the basic level in order to enjoy dancing at parties. The main recommendation is the right choice of image and team in order to find the right sense of one's own inner stability. Everything else can be achieved with regular training.

Dancing as an image

The idea is simple - the direction of the dance is similar to the style of clothing. For each age, gender, and status, there are images that can be mastered through choreography. Breaking is inappropriate for an adult, and salsa or Argentine tango for a first-grader. Of course, there are stylish hip-hop jeans that look good on a respectable man in a fashion club, but these are definitely not jeans bought in a teen store, but a subtly transferred look to another style. 

This is how body ballet or sports ballroom dancing appeared, which migrated across the age boundaries of the original style.